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Barristers Chambers in Sheffield

Barristers Chambers in Sheffield

Working throughout Sheffield from our offices in the centre of Leeds, 37 Park Square Chambers has achieved notoriety and respect from many Sheffield based courts. As a top Legal 500 firm, we help Sheffield based solicitors, in-house lawyers and private clients in all forms of law.

With over 40 barristers within our chambers we have specialists in all areas of law practice including:


Employment Law

Whether you’re an employer or employee our barristers offer a professional representation to pursue all employment law cases from unfair dismissal to breach of contracts.


Criminal Law

Our barristers have experience in providing legal representation for cases regarding a variety of crimes including, fraud, drug importation, sexual offenses as well as HM Armed Forces cases before the Court Marshall.


Immigration Law

Whether you’re a foreign student studying in Sheffield, need advice on asylum claims or looking for a representative in your citizenship case, our barristers can help you.


Family Law

Offering services on cases involving child abuse, adoption, relocation and more.


Civil Law

A broad range of experience is provided by our barristers for companies and individuals in Sheffield when providing advice and representation on property law, personal injuries and other civil law cases.

As a top Legal 500 we pride ourselves on quick responses, confidentiality and providing assured representation with your case.

If you are looking for legal representation in the Sheffield area or have a case directed within the Sheffield courts and require any of our services please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our chambers.