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Sports Law

37 Park Square’s Sports Law barristers offer an excellent multi-disciplinary sports law service for all of the modern needs of sports men and women, governing bodies, clubs, officials and volunteers, right through from amateur athletes to elite level international sport.

With specialist knowledge of the unique challenges relating to personal injury in sport, commercial disputes, employment disputes, sports disciplinary, anti-doping and child protection matters 37 Park Square’s Sports Law barristers have the highest level of understanding and expertise to confidently deal with the most challenging of issues.

Our barristers not only act in relation to legal disputes but many chair disciplinary panels for governing bodies, ranging from semi-professional to the highest levels of international sport.

Including members who have studied and played sport to a high level before specialising in the law, 37 Park Square’s Sports Law barristers understand what matters most in modern sport and are ready to act and advise with clarity, sensitivity and confidence. 

If you would like to instruct one of our Sports Law barristers or to discuss how we may be able to assist, contact our Clerks at first instance either by phone 0113 243 9422 or by email clerks@no37.co.uk

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